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Long Island Fiction

I recently did a Long Island Fiction book display. The books seemed to be pretty popular, because I had to refill the display a few times. One of the authors that I featured on this display is none other than Nelson Demille. For those of you who haven’t read any of his works I would suggest the John Corey series.

The first book in this series which I have read is called Plum Island. In this book you meet a very charismatic protagonist. He’s a brilliant detective, but he is also funny and sarcastic. His inner monologues really makes the book a pleasure to read, even though you are reading about a vicious double murder. Another thing Demille does very well is describe the sights and sounds of Long Island.

A series sounds like a lot of commitment, but don’t worry book two The Lion’s Game is just as good as the first if not better. In an interview Demille stated that he never intended on making Plum Island a series so the The Lion’s Game has the same sarcastic main character, but without a prolonged continuous plot line. In other words you can pick up any book in the series and not miss out. In this second book Corey is on the hunt for an international terrorist. Although this was published before the events of 9/11 the story line is eerily similar to the political situation we have now. Demille explains in his introduction that the similarity is due to all of the research and interviews he conducted with law enforcement in preparation of writing the book.

If you’ve flown from Long Island MacArthur airport or have been to the Cradle of Aviation Museum you’ll be delighted to find out how Demille sneaks these Long Island places into his book.