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New Ways to Find Your Next Read

My favorite way to find a new book to read is to browse the shelf. I usually like to read non-fiction books anything from self-help, health, true crime to history. My favorite and one of the most popular places people go to first in the library is the New Book area. Did you know our library website has a list of the new items? You can access this list anytime you want from home especially when it’s getting late and you can’t fall asleep. Most of the time these new items are checked out, but this is a great way to start building up your hold list! Sometimes I go through them and put all the new movies on hold. I love to check out some movies from our collection and have a movie night at home.

I’m sure many of you get recommendations for books from friends and family. Other ways are book reviews, advertisements, and of course your local librarian. In this digital age there are many great book review sites, book blogs, and other ways to find your next read. The library provides a digital service called, “NextReads”. If you signup for NextReads you will receive monthly emails of book suggestions. Most of the suggestions are the hot new books in the genre you signed up for. The librarians at LML always order these books for our collection.

A great website that I recommend is Goodreads. Goodreads is the Facebook for avid readers. Here you can compile a list of books that you have read or want to read, rate and review them. Goodreads will generate a list of recommendations based on what you have read, but also of what they are being paid to advertise. If you add friends you can see what they have read. Another great feature are the book lists. The people on Goodreads have compiled their own lists of books for genres, and sometimes vote on lists like “Beach Reads”. My to-read list grows day by day especially when I am friends with fellow librarians. Goodreads also helps you see a pattern in your reading. Tagging allows you to categorize the books you’ve added. Personally, it seems that my most popular tags are young adult fiction, romance and children’s literature. If you would like a Goodreads friend, add me!