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Great Courses

Over the last year or so I’ve greatly enjoyed video courses offered by our public libraries. While there are many to chose from, I’ve concentrated on “The Great Courses” from the Teaching Company.

Our library has many courses in audio CD format with topics as diverse as the American Civil War to Mythology. The life and music of many composers are all in our collection.

While I think audio CDs are perfect for listening to in the car, especially for long commutes, I prefer the video collections available by inter-library loan from other libraries. As my interests usually focus on STEM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) I can recommend many video courses from the Teaching Company.

Do you know why the Tacoma Narrows bridge collapsed in 1940? What mistake did the engineers make that caused the London Millennium Footbridge to close the day it opened? (It opened about 2 years later). Why is the roof missing on most of the ancient Roman and Greek structures? While the heart rate of a hummingbird is very different than an elephant, what heart metric is surprisingly close?

What controversies resulted from Charles Darwin’s theory of Evolution?

All answers await your visit to the library !