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New Musical Blasts From the Past

Latest sounds from Veteran Musicians

     Brand new nonagenarian Chuck Berry, who turned 90 years old on October 18, is in the studio recording his first new album in 35 years, to be released in 2017.   Here are some other old favorites still dropping new tracks into their 70’s:

The Rolling Stones – “Blue and Lonesome”, their first album since 2005, coming in December.

The Monkees – “Good Times”, their first since 1997’s “Justus”, released this year.

The Zombies – “Still Got That Hunger”, a terrific album, released last year.

Elton John – “Wonderful Crazy Night”, released this year.

Paul Simon – “Stranger To Stranger”, released this year to good reviews.

The Pretenders – “Alone”, released this year.
Leonard Cohen – “You  Want It Darker”, released this year.

The Library has copies of these albums and many more new releases available to be checked out for your listening pleasure.